How little we knew of love

Bride: How little we knew of love, my love.

Groom: How little we knew of love.

Bride: We knew of movie love and book love and other peoples' kinds of love.

Groom: But we really didn't know anything at all.

Bride: We have learned, you and I. We have learned how to love.

Groom: The learning has been a splendid process.

Bride: I have learned that a choice, once made, is not necessarily completed. I have chosen you many times since our wedding day. I choose you still.

Groom: I have learned that a love, once formed, is never wholly finished. My love for you grows daily.

Bride: How little we knew of love, my love. How much more we know of love now.

Groom: Do you suppose, some years from now, we'll look back on this day and say "How little we knew of love?"


  • After 25 years.....

    This is so true. We thought we knew it all, but how little we knew of love!!

    Dawn 2013-01-04

  • hot hot

    i really like it because it means alot

    allison 2012-01-11

  • I like this one

    it fits our circumstances...yes, it can be expanded, but I like the way this one is responsive....

    Terri 2007-12-09

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