Celebrating 5 Years

My dearest love, as we stand here today, I think back to all the wonderful memories we have shared.

There is no greater feeling in life than to have your best friend by your side every day. Though we have had our struggles, our love has been strong enough to conquer it all. I am thankful for you being in my life each and every day.

You are more a man than I ever imagined could come into my life. You are confident, independant, caring, nurturing, and supportive. You make every day on earth a day worth waking up for.

My wish today is that as we say these renewals you my love will once again say "I do" you are my world and my everything. For you I give my heart, soul, body, and mind every second of every day. I take you today not only as my husband yet again, but as my best friend and lover, my confident, my shoulder when I need to cry, and the person whos arms I could not picture being without.

Today I pledge to be by your side, to be your strength when you are weak, to never leave you, to be understanding, and to keep being the wife you deserve. With this said "I do" take you my faith and loving husband to have and to hold, for better or worse, until death to us part.


  • 5 years

    I hope it’s ok to use this for my 5 year anniversary with my husband. He has been there for me through everything and always had my back when it comes to my family. I want to express all that I feel inside and this helps me. Thank you

    Ada 2021-08-19

  • Beautiful

    My hubby and I will be renewing our vows this year and I will be using these as my vows

    Tina 2018-01-06

  • mrs

    This is perfect for our vow renewal of 15 years, I have been so very ill and my husband has done everything for me, and following 32 weeks of treatment, I am still here, so a new wedding dress, Captain of the ship and we shall renew our vows. Perfect, thank you.

    christine 2017-03-27

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