An on-going process

On our wedding day, I made a choice. It was the most important and significant choice of my life and I made it only after a great deal of consideration. On that day, I chose you to be my husband/wife.

I thought then that such a decision, once made, as final and irrevocable. Now I know that the selection of a life partner is not a one-time decision but an on-going process.

Many times in the years since then, I have chosen you again. Faced with changes and alternatives, I have become keenly aware that a marriage lasts only so long as both partners desire each other above all others.

As our lives have been affected by the ebb and flow of other lives and events, there have been many times when I could have chosen to go in a different direction. I did not.

The reason is simple: no other person has ever aroused in me the feelings of tenderness, joy and caring which you elicit. I elect to stay with you not because I feel obligated to meet your needs but because you continue to meet mine.

I live with you not because a legal document says that I am your husband/wife but because, in my heart of hearts, I still want to be by your side more than I want to be anywhere else.


  • Not the best

    I feel the same way Paul. After reading it the first time, I was thinking it was decent, but as I read through the second time I really noticed how the speaker keeps saying they had all these opportunities to leave and the only reason they stayed is because their spouse was still meeting their needs.

    Choosing a spouse IS, "final and irrevocable." Choosing a spouse isn't the same as choosing a friend. You can't just change your mind.

    Throe 2012-09-21

  • vows

    I love this one, but how can I make it into my own words!!! I want to get married some time soon!!!!!

    ShiAnn 2012-08-11

  • its true

    marriage is a not just a 1 pc of document its a everyday process a never ending process to have a happy& successful marriage life.i love my husband & i will love him for the rest of my life not because for better or for worst,he will always me the MAN OF MY LIFE.

    lhey 2012-04-12

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