The memory of all those years

Bride: We are here for a celebration.

Groom: We are here to celebrate love.

Bride: We are here to celebrate marriage -- our own specific marriage which has endured for X years. Groom: Today we celebrate those X years. We rejoice that X years ago we had the good sense to marry one other.

Bride: We have dried each other's tears. We have applauded each other's successes. For X years, we have lived and loved.

Groom: Today we celebrate the memory of all those years. We celebrate, as well, the hopes we cherish for the years ahead. Most of all, we celebrate now, today, this special once-in-a-lifetime occasion which our love has earned for us.

Bride: It is a day of days, a time of times, a dream come true. Like all the other days of our lives, we celebrate it together.


  • Perfect

    My beloved husband of 49 years and 8 months died suddenly last year. He was my best friend for 55 years since we met at the beginning of our junior year in high school, I was 16 and he was 17 and I knew at first sight that he was my prince. 5 years later, in the summer of my senior year in college, we were finally joined as husband and wife. Two weeks later I watched him board a transport plane to California and then Vietnam for one year. He came home safely, Thank you, God, was home for two years and I discovered that I was going to be an Army wife for a long time. He went back for another tour in Vietnam for a year and then we spent 24 years traveling around the states and Europe. I loved being an Army wife. We had planned to repeat our vows on our 50th anniversary and these words are perfect. Sadly, we were at his military internment ceremony at a National Cemetary where he was given full military honors. I selected July 26 for the very reason that if we couldn’t celebrate our 50th anniversary on that special day, we would salute him with a 21 gun salute, folding and presentation of the flag followed by taps. Oh, how I miss him.

    Judy Rudolph 2018-02-11

  • Thanks

    This exactly expresses what we want to say!

    Echo 2013-09-08

  • beautiful

    these vows are cute i'm married maybe when we get enough money to do it again i'll use those vows cause they are very true every word

    meghan kennedy 2012-08-25

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