Harmony in our marriage

It is the greatest desire of my heart to be faithful to you and to love you always,
seeking to meet your every need, desiring to help in every way, listening to you,
encouraging you, comforting you and standing by your side in whatever
circumstances may face us in the years ahead. I will respect you,
honor you and strive for harmony in our marriage with a quiet and gentle spirit.


  • my best friends wedding

    My closest girlfriend send this to me and as I began to read this, I envisioned her and all of her beautiful characteristics. As I continued to read I thought of them together and smiled, concurring with the intoxicating words I read. As I finished I actually had tears in my eyes for what I read was absolutely beautiful and didn't realize how much I yearned for this beauty myself... congratulations to a beautiful pair! What a beautiful blessing...

    krissy 2014-10-29

  • unrealistic

    As romantic as they sound, this is a completely unrealistic view of marriage.

    hdmt 2014-07-17

  • sweet

    Thanks, I needed this for this Friday

    Mark 2013-04-22

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