I give myself to you completely

I am proud to marry you this day.
I promise to wipe away your tears with my laughter,
and your pain with my caring and my compassion.
We will wipe out the old canvases of our lives and let God,
with His amazing artistic talent, fill them with new color, harmony and beauty.
I give myself to you completely, and I promise to love you always,
from this day forth.


  • too much gOd

    Need less god more love. Drop so much of the magic sky finger.

    ManDan 2015-07-13

  • Beautiful

    Beautiful words that are comforting. Im definitely going to use part of these vows,for my vows.

    crystal 2012-01-08

  • for the passafist

    marriage is a "religious" act. An act where we make a promise not onlly to our spouse to be, but also to God that we will forever be faithful. So its only appropiate to include God in our vows.

    Slice 2011-08-10

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